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Overlake Oil is the premier industrial lubricant and solution provider in the Pacific Northwest, helping businesses reach their full potential by implementing and optimizing lubrication best practices.

Culture & Community

The people that make up Overlake Oil largely contribute to its personable and vibrant culture.  With our new motto, “Do it once! Do it right! Do it now!” we focus on accuracy, responsiveness and emphatically serving our customers.


We believe that environmental sustainability is integral to protecting the future of our business, our customers and our communities.  For over 30 years, Overlake Oil has been consulting clients on proactive and responsible fluid management practices.

Safety & Compliance

Overlake Oil’s commitment to safety, compliance and quality control is ingrained in all aspects of the business to protect our employees, customers and community.


Have a Question? Looking for Something?

Let Overlake Oil’s brain trust help. With over 70 years in the petroleum business serving a wide variety of industries, we have the experience and expertise to answer even the toughest questions. After all, you might just end out with the solution you were always searching for. Also, check out our unique handling solutions – an answer to the question no one ever asks but everyone wonders.

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