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Culture & Community

Culture & Community

The people that make up Overlake Oil largely contribute to our personable and vibrant culture. Our team is made up a diverse group of exceptional individuals that possess passion, innovation and ingenuity. Although our team shares common goals and visions for the company, we pursue an assortment of activities outside of work such as golfing, karting, cooking, mountaineering and playing fetch at the dog park. Overlake Oil empowers its employees and provides the opportunity for each individual to grow personally and professionally to their fullest potential.

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Overlake Oil’s culture is deeply rooted in the Kirkland community, where it has been doing business for over 67 years. Kirkland is home to all of the previous generation owners as well as many employees and their families, placing it deep in the heart of the community. By supporting local schools, sports teams and events, we hope to preserve the people centric atmosphere for generations to come.

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