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O.I.L.S. Program

On-site Industrial Lubrication Services

fluid management The O.I.L.S. Program is a fully customizable fluid maintenance plan to relieve industrial lubricant related burdens. By outsourcing these burdens to our reliable team of industry experts we will help you increase operation efficiency, prolong equipment life and reduce unplanned costs. When lubrication handling becomes too complicated and costly to be managed in house, Overlake Oil is here to support you!

O.I.L.S. Program

  • LOGISTICS & LUBRICANTS HANDLING – Product is delivered to point of use and applied properly as needed by Overlake Oil personnel.
  • KEEP FULL & CONDITION MONITORING – Lubricant quantities and conditions are monitored, refilled and replaced as needed. Monitoring is based on technical specifications and designated ISO cleanliness requirements to ensure critical machinery maintains optimal lubrication. Maintaining optimal lubrication increases equipment efficiency and reduces downtime.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING – On-site lubrication experts regularly troubleshoot issues in an effort to proactively stop common lubrication risks. 24/7 Emergency Service is available to assist for unplanned times of crisis.

Maintain Highest Standards in Business Ethics and Service Transparency

  • Lubricant applications will be regularly audited to ensure the best possible product for each application as new products are released into the market.
  • Inform decision makers and key personnel of changes in the market
  • Offer transparency through sharing maintenance logs, oil analysis tests and tracking oil consumption.
  • Lubrication Engineers have active TWIC® credentials to ensure maximum security for your company.
  • Overlake Oil employs the highest environmental solutions and standards in the oil industry with a focus on decreasing your consumption and environmental footprint.

Cost Benefits of Outsourcing Lubrication to the Experts

  • Reduce costs associated with employee training
  • Reduce liabilities associated with drum handling
  • Reduce downtime
  • Decrease oil consumption and purchases
  • Increase equipment life
  • Increase efficiency
  • Increase drain intervals
  • Lower inventory levels and increase warehouse space
  • Eliminate drum handling and disposal
  • Reallocate employees resources to more productive uses

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