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Aviation Lubricants & Greases

smallplanetopview Overlake Oil offers a comprehensive portfolio of aviation lubricants and greases from the biggest names in the industry offering an extensive line of piston and turbine engine oils, hydraulic fluids, gear oils and greases for general, commercial and military aviation requirements. Documentation such as Certificate of Analysis (CofA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) as well as specified shelf life requirements are provided upon request with purchase. For inquiries and more information regarding available stock please call 425.822.1776 so one of our lubricant experts may assist you.

Engine Oils

  • Break-in straight mineral oils for radial and opposing piston engines (AeroShell and CP cross country)
  • Ashless dispersant oils for radial and opposing and light sport piston engines (ie. Rotax 2 and 4 cycle)
  • Turbine oils for military, commercial, helicopters and turbo props (BP 2380, BP 2197, etc. and AeroShell 500, 555, 560 and Ascender)

Military Specific Greases

  • AeroShell Grease 5
  • AeroShell Grease 6
  • AeroShell Grease 7
    MIL-PRF-23827C (Type II)
  • AeroShell Grease 14
  • AeroShell Grease 22
    MIL-PRF-81322G NLGI Grade 2
  • AeroShell Grease 33
    MIL-PRF-23827C (Type I)
    Boeing Approved BMS 3-33B
    Airbus Approved AIMS 09-06-002
  • AeroShell Grease 64
    DEF STAN 91-57

Hydraulic Fluids

  • AeroShell Fluid 4 (dyed Red)
  • AeroShell Fluid 31
    *Compatible with AeroShell Fluids 4, 41, 51, 61 and 71*
    Approved for systems designed to operate with the following:
  • AeroShell Fluid 41 (dyed Red)

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