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Industrial Lubricants

Fluid Reclamation

Fluid Reclamation

Why buy new when you can reuse?

Over the past decade, new industrial oil prices have increased by about 400%, forcing businesses to think outside the box on fulfilling lubricant needs. From saving money to saving the environment, industrial oil reclamation is the perfect solution for companies with large reservoirs of low viscosity oils.oil reclamation

Over time, oil gets dirty from particulate contaminates such as dirt ingress from air, metal shards from equipment wear and degradation caused from emulsified or dissolved water. Inadvertently, the environment can cause oil to become contaminated when there is still plenty of detergents and lubricating properties in the oil. Contaminated oil must be replaced to prevent accelerated oxidation, and wear, corrosion, changes in viscosity and sometimes catastrophic equipment failure. All of which translate into component repair, labor and downtime costs.

Overlake Oil’s filtration and dehydration Back Cameraservice is a very environmentally sustainable process, reclaiming the existing oil for continued use in the application and completely eliminating the purchase of new lubricants and oil disposal. After the initial evaluation, oil is filtered and dehydrated to a specified ISO cleanliness code. In many instances this process can be completed while the equipment is still in use, eliminating downtime altogether.

For more information on this process or to find out if your oil can be reclaimed – please contact Overlake Oil at 800.722.7743. This service is offered year round, emergency services available upon request.

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